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Benefits of Occupancy Sensors in Commercial Properties

Occupancy sensors are a form of technology that can be used to activate lighting within a building or resident when an occupant is identified through the use of motion sensors. Once an occupant has left the room or property, the sensors automatically turn the lights off, reducing the need for people to remember to turn off energy-absorbing sources of light when they leave a building.

While many people use occupancy sensors for safety in their residential property – in the form of lights that turn on when motion is detected, many question the benefits of these devices within commercial properties.

Following, we’ll take a look at some of the valuable advantages that occupancy sensors offer any commercial property owner.

  • Safety

Perhaps one of the most important features that occupancy sensors can offer is safety. Not only burglars and other malicious individuals often get spooked when lights flicker on while they’re causing a business to rob, but if any of your workers need to visit your property in the night, the presence of occupancy sensing lights can reduce the chances of falls and injuries.

  • Convenience

When you’re moving around a commercial space – perhaps with a handful of files or your arms filled with boxes, the last thing that you want to worry about is hitting a nearby light switch. Because of this, occupancy sensors can offer a significant boost in convenience to workers and property owners, by naturally springing to life the second motion is detected.

  • Energy Efficiency

More businesses than ever before are beginning to focus more of their attention on energy efficiency these days. Using occupational sensors, companies can limit the amount of energy they waste by ensuring that lights automatically turn off when no-one is present within a room. This not only saves the planet but saves the money in your pocket too!

  • Versatility

Finally, occupancy sensors can be carefully adjusted and installed to make sure that you have light wherever you need it most, without using excess energy. For instance, you can illuminate certain parts of a room while leaving other parts dark – this can be essential for large warehouses that need to save on energy.

The benefits of occupancy sensors are varied and wide-spread. Whether you’re hoping to increase the energy efficiency of your property, reduce your bills, or invest in a bespoke lighting solution for your commercial space, this technique could be the perfect solution for you.

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